30 second monologues for 13 year olds

It is often difficult to find monologues that are suitable for teenagers. So here is a list of male and female monologues exclusively for teenagers. These are some seriously great monologues for teens.

Read through a whole range of monologues before deciding and see which one resonates with you. Did you get excited about the idea of performing a certain monologue? Pick that one! This means you can create the circumstances surrounding the monologue. My advice — keep it simple.

If they do come from a play or book, always read it. More on preparing a monologue. Swallow age 12 is living in a village where they are taught Jesus will return to the world. In this monologue she tells some other children about the man. Can you keep a secret? A really big secret? This is a great and fabulous secret known to none but those within these walls. You have to join a society to be allowed to know the secret, and all who know must swear never to divulge.

Will you absolutely swear? We were in here messing about. There was a sort of knock on the door and I opened it. We can bring them a few at a time to see Him and hear His words. Little by little we can spread the news to children all over the country that the first people to know Jesus has come back will be the children.

Teen Girl: After class today, my favorite teacher, Ms. Childs asked me to stay in my seat when the bell rang. I knew exactly what she wanted.

I had missed a whole week of school. Now, I have never really been the type to skip class. Quietly giggles and looks around to see if anyone heard.

30 second monologues for 13 year olds

She then sighs and takes on a more serious tone. Well anyway, Ms. Childs did what any concerned teacher would do, I guess. So, when she asked me, I went on and told her the truth. Do you actually think that I would come to school wearing the same old dirty clothes? Would you do it? Points to audience Just ask yourself that question!

30 second monologues for 13 year olds

After I explained myself, the teacher seemed to feel sorry for me. She gave me a pass this time. She is so excited. The only problem is that they need a ride. Here, she tries desperately to get her sister to agree to drive them. April: Guess what?!A Princess? I love being a Princess! Pause, tilt head and place hands on hips I wonder why no one ever told me this before!

30 second monologues for 13 year olds

Of course, being a Princess is a big responsibility. Stand up on tip toes with arms curved overhead like a ballerina and then relax and be all perky and bubbly I wanted everyone to see my costume. Presenting Belle, the Barefoot Ballerina". How could she hate bugs? Bugs are great!

52 Effective Short Monologues for Teens and Kids

They have big eyes and lots of little legs to skitter around on. Maybe she just needs to get to know bugs better. This purchase includes 3 different versions35 seconds, 1 minute and approx. Dear Tooth Fairy. Today I lost my first tooth.

A dollar? It would be fun to have a super power. I begged my parents to let me quit. I cried. I threw temper tantrums. But they keep making me go.

I guess I need new parents. Maybe I can order some on Amazon. A young child ponders how to stop giggling.Looking for a monologue for a younger actor? Below are 10 new audition cuts for those pre-teen girls who want to make an impression with their monologue.

Spencer to pick up a young orphan boy from the asylum in Nova Scotia to help them around the house. Here, Anne the orphan has just arrived at Green Gables. She is not what Matthew expected. In this monologue, Matthew is quite taken aback when he finds a girl waiting for them. Get the monologue here. Female, Dramatic, Juniors Amy is the youngest and most pampered of the March sisters. Amy is beyond herself with frustration and anger, wishing she was asked out to a night at the theatre instead of her sisters.

Female, Dramatic, Juniors Mary has found herself on many adventures since arriving at Misselthwaithe Manor. She discovered a key that led into a hidden dormant garden that she is now secretly bringing back to life. In this monologue, she wanders around the manor, hearing strange noises coming from the walls.

It sounds as though someone is crying—she discovers a door behind a tapestry that will lead her to Mr. She explains to this half-human, half-monster named Cal that Bast is her twin brother— the more gentler of the two of them—and describes the last few moments she remembers of the storm.

Female, Serio-Comedic, Juniors To describe the Bloom children as precocious would be an understatement. Will the combined talents of the adventurous Oliver, the internet savvy Sonny and the sugar-fueled Lola be enough to win the day?

Female, Comedic, Juniors Kathy loves school, especially science. Later in the play, however, we will see Kathy looking to fail science in order to fit in with the popular girls at school.

We hear her voice as she confides that she is plain, unspectacular, and utterly—a wallflower. She wishes she could dance with a boy; all she wants is to be noticed. Still, she is tired of feeling invisible. Jason barely looks at the girls as they talk to him, and does not take up their offer to jump rope. Margaret does her best to welcome Jason, but her efforts fall on deaf ears. Female, Comedic, Juniors Kathy is a ten-year-old girl who is making sense of the sexual behavior she sees around her, which she reenacts through the Barbie Dolls and the characters she personifies them as.

She is seated in front of her TV playing with her dolls as she sings along to a commercial at the beginning of the monologue. Be aware that this monologue contains talk of sexual situations, and may be suitable for an older actor playing a younger character. Swimmie it was such a long time ago like 2 or 3 weeks ago! A monologue from Little Women by Gary Peterson. A monologue from Secret Garden by Gary Peterson. A monologue from Operation Oddball by Lisa Bruna.

A monologue from Diary of a Wallflower by Craig Sodaro. A monologue from Playground by Wil Denson. A monologue from Mr. Swimmie by Tara Meddaugh.If you're looking for good teen monologuesyou're in the right place.

Below, you'll find some dramatic pieces, and some comedic. Clicking a link will take you to a PDF version of the monologue. Print it out and take lots of notes! This site gets thousands of visitors every day; from all over the world. Are you a burgeoning playwright looking for more exposure? Submit your monologues and you might just find your work published on Ace Your Audition! Send an email to aceyouraudition gmail. Visit our page on Facebook.

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Feel free to post your casting call on our Facebook page as well. Free Monologues for Teens for Acting Auditions If you're looking for good teen monologuesyou're in the right place.

Monologues for Kids

Are You a Playwright? Single Crutch by Tara Meddaugh Style: Comedic Ben has been kicked around long enough, and now he's making a few demands. Locking the Store by Tara Meddaugh Style: Comedic Clark who works at the local gift shop has become smitten with his newest customer, Grace. She has been led on by boys, and had her heart broken more than once.Original, unique 30 second monologues for children and teens.

But everyone else says pink is boring. They say pink is a baby color. I tried. The new baby at my house spends all his time screaming and scrunch up face as if smelling something disgusting making incredibly stinky diapers. Get it off, get it off. Always picking me up. And please do not eat a chocolate rabbit in front of me. Eaten alive! When you are trying to be brave and write your best friend a letter after she moves away, but it's too hard because you miss her so much.

Do you like your new home? Pause and voice starts to break I hope. I hope. A cute, funny monologue that allows an actress to display a wide range of emotions sarcasm, happiness, anger, surprise, pride in 30 seconds! Not only does my Mom have a new husband but now she has a brand new daughter to pay attention to. Dorothy thought it would be fun to have her friends from Oz visit her school. Trying to tell your parents that you found a Dragon isn't easy. At first I thought it was cool to have my own dragon, concerned but things are getting weird.

He keeps asking for candy because it turns out spread arms in an unbelieving way dragons are addicted to sugar. He said he wants a sheep for dinner or else. No electronic devices allowed at camp? How do they expect me to function without the internet? We have a problem. A girl informs her parents that she is leaving them and moving in with Grandma until they stop fighting.

But nothing is changing. You fight every day. My peaceful domain is now filled with noise and I am constantly being swung about.We respect your privacy. We will never give out your email, and newsletters come no more than once a week. Thank you! Please check your inbox for an email from me, including a link to click on to subscribe to my newsletter.

Tara loves to write for children, as well as adults, and has crafted her monologues to stand out, be unique, and be entertaining for both kids and adults.

Tara's children's monologues are for children age 4, at the elementary school age level, through pre-teens at the middle school level. There are children's monologues for male or female actors. Read below for descriptions and excerpts from children's monologues, or click below for a link to the specific monologue.

30 second monologues for 13 year olds

To use, please seek permission by contacting Tara and must always give proper credit. Enjoy 19 comedic monologues for children extracted from the one-act play, Christmas Superpowers and Believing in Blitzen. Monologues range from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, and average at approximately minutes long. About the play: Take a snowy walk through the child-like magic of Christmas, where reindeer talk, Santa is real, and who wants super powers?

To four young children, Christmas is no simple sleigh ride. Sam is experiencing the pressure of being the Lead Shepherd in the church pageant. Dylan has a very secretive wish he hopes Santa can deliver.

And Lauren needs to make sure someone is giving her little brother a very special Christmas. Experience the joys and challenges of Christmas through the eyes of these children in this monologue-driven one-act comedy. Steven has just shared his Easter jelly beans with his dad who has gobbled up a handful of them all at once.

There is a wrong way.

Monologues for teens you can download

There's really a wrong way and you're doing it, Dad! You're doing it so wrong wrong wrong wrong! You're totally wasting them! You know how hard it was for me to get those? I mean, I waited all year And—I—I—I don't mind sharing with you. I like it when I can give you something that I really like and you like it too. But—this—this is just wrong, Dad. When someone gives you 20 jelly beans, and they're all different flavors like popcorn and chocolate pudding and blueberry, you don't just—you don't just shove them all in your mouth at once!

Then you don't taste anything and it's just this giant blob of like, I don't know, sugary melted plastic or something. Suddenly, the reality of two young friends on their own in the woods, does not seem as carefree as they once envisioned.

About the monologue: Goldilocks, the clear leader of the pair, confesses to Little Bear that, despite her apparent confidence, she actually does not know where they are going. As Little Bear appears to be having second thoughts, Goldilocks does not know if her dear friend deserves to have a life without loving parents, like the one she has been ill-fated to endure.

She expresses her gratitude of their friendship, but gives him the freedom to return to his protective and loving family, as the adventure she is embarking on will not be easy.

If you want to. You have a family that loves you. And…this is my life.A fun list of monologues for kids. Most of these monologues are short and easy to learn, ideal for children under the age of These can be great for auditions, or for performance.

The key is to pick a monologue that resonates with you. Have fun working with these monologues! Always pick monologues that you enjoy and feel comfortable performing. We have split this page into Boys and Girls, but most of the monologues can be adapted to work for either. Any monologue suggestions always appreciated in the comments below. Make sure you push your young students to be precise in learning the monologues.

Get them to think deeply about what the character wants. Why are they saying the monologue in the first place and who are they talking to? These simple questions help bring the monologues to life. The mosquitoes are eating me alive.

I think I get it now. Eyes on the ball. Maybe I never will be. But a guy can only be hit in the head with a baseball so many times. Louis is a picky eater. He only eats hot dogs. I only eat hot dogs. Well, maybe I should go home then. Hot dogs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sometimes I eat to or three instead of just one. I doubt it.

Free Monologues For Kids and Teens

I love hot dogs. My little sister is worse. She only eats chicken soup. She sticks her pigtails in the soup and sucks it out of her hair. See you later, Mrs. How to make friends with a snail. If you find yourself on the street, without a friend in sight. Look for a silver trail, shimmering in the light. Snails make the best of friends.

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