Mobile home scrappers

We buy mobile homes in any condition, at any price range, anywhere in the USA. We are experienced, professional mobile home buyers and can buy yours right now for cash! We will buy your mobile home in any location, in any condition, and at all price ranges! We promise our professionals will be courteous and helpful throughout the mobile home selling process.

Selling a mobile home can be a very confusing and time consuming process. Not to mention, some rules vary by location and many people are more familiar with selling traditional homes than they are with selling trailers.

Some mobile home owners may be going through a very stressful event, such as a divorce, the death of the mobile home owner, or a financial emergency. Having to deal with the mobile home selling process at such a time is just one problem too many. We are a group of certified real estate investors with cash to buy your mobile home in as little as 7 days.

Even in the best of times, the process of selling a mobile home is often burdensome. Prepping the home for sale can entail a massive cleanup job and expensive repairs that eat into the expected profit. All trailers, no matter how well taken care of, will need some sprucing up before a sale.

The Homeowner's Guide to Mobile Home Removal

If the mobile home is within a park, there could even be conflicts with how you place for sale signage and whether or not the prospective buyer can actually move onto that lot. None of this is your problem when you use HighestCashOffer. So how easy will selling your manufactured home to HighestCashOffer. It will only take three simple steps! First contact us by filling out the form or by giving us a phone call. Rest assured that this is a no pressure situation.

There will never be any need to feel like you are committing to anything. After talking with you, and you decide that selling your mobile home to us is for you, you can set a convenient date for us to view the property.

After the viewing, we will make you a cash offer on the spot.Maybe you moved into it while you built your dream home. Or, possibly, you moved into a less-than-ideal mobile home and proceeded to bide your time while saving for a newer model. First, though, you want to get an idea of what options you have. It varies. Plus, you may need to hire a mover to remove it from its current location to its new landing place. Unsurprisingly, your mobile home removal cost may be affected by what kind of mobile home you have.

Is it a single wide home? Or a double wide? Suppose you decide to move it off your current property and store it at a property you own somewhere else. Alternatively, we could say you have a kind relative who lives on quite a few acres. He or she said you could remove your mobile home to their backyard. Now, remember that the cost to move your home varies. As Hometown Demolition points outwhether your home is empty or not may make a difference in how much it costs to move it.

An empty home will cost less to remove and get rid of. If you love watching buildings get torn down, this may sound like an exciting idea to you. This is where the roof could actually be pertinent. There are a couple other things you could do, though. We hope this gets your wheels turning about your mobile home removal cost and your options for removal.

Time to get it out! What factors will affect mobile home removal cost, anyway? What kind of mobile home do you have? Not an exact number Now, remember that the cost to move your home varies.

Estimate Your Old Mobile Home Removal Cost & Other Alternatives

How far do you want to go?Mechanical mobile home demolition is straightforward—it is torn down using heavy machinery, like an excavator. From there, the debris from the mobile home is loaded into a dumpster or trailer truck and hauled away to the nearest landfill or recycling facility. Before demolition can begin, however, you must obtain a permit. Oftentimes, your demolition contractor will handle this process for you, but make sure you confirm this with them.

Calling 5 or 6 contractors just to find 1 available to give a quote is time consuming and frustrating. Skip to main content. Find Delaware Mobile Home Demolition Contractors We'll introduce you to professional mobile home demolition contractors ready to complete your project Find Pros.

America's 1 Source for Local Demolition Experts. More Places. Tips for Demolishing Mobile Homes. How Mobile Home Demolition Works: Mechanical mobile home demolition is straightforward—it is torn down using heavy machinery, like an excavator. We are asking a few questions so we can match your project to the right contractors. What is the location of your project? Zip code. Which best describes what you need?

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How do I get rid of a mobile home? May 18, 1. Messages: 1, I have a mobile home on our property that I need to get rid of. It's old and trashed and I don't want to have to pay someone to take it to the dump if they would even take it. I figured I could list it on craigslist list and free cycle. Any other ideas? It's in Bonham, TX if any of y'all want it. Buffy in DallasMay 18, May 18, 2. Around here the local junk yard will pay you for it.

They will pull the metal out of it and burn the rest. Maybe someone down there will take it for the metal. May 18, 3. Messages: 5, May 18, 4. Around here, "scrappers" will usually come tear them down and haul them off for scrap. You could try posting some flyers up at local convenience stores, grocery stores, etc. Maybe even an ad on Craigslist.Scrapping a mobile home is not an easy process. Neither is the decision to scrap it in the first place. To compound the problem, there are very few resources available online to give you some handy, and much, needed advice.

So where to turn to find out how much scrap metal is in a mobile home? As we briefly mentioned, scrapping a mobile home is usually not an easy or very profitable endeavor. So then, what would drive someone to this point? Or, when should you seriously consider scrapping your home?

There are two main reasons: Finances and because you are left no other choice. Also, mobile homes depreciate yearly by around Since land appreciates in value, the plot itself could be worth more than the home. If you want to sell it, you might need to move or scrap the home first before a buyer will take it.

This means that by now, many of these homes are completely uninhabitable and not allowed in mobile home parks. This could leave your only option to be to get rid of the mobile home completely. This answer could vary tremendously depending on what era your mobile home comes from, what type of mobile home it is, and the specific model.

mobile home scrappers

Some older trailer homes are completely built out of metallic materials such as corrugated steel and aluminum, while others only have metallic frames but wall panels made of asbestos. Take note, you must dispose of asbestos very carefully. Its fibers are toxic and can become embedded in your lungs and chest. Newer homes can also be equally different.

mobile home scrappers

Vinyl, wood, and metal walls are equally common. The roof could be an equally good source of metal if the home has a metal roof.If you want to just get rid of your mobile home you could donate it to a charity or to the fire station for use as a practice burn.

There's no immediate benefit, but you can claim it as a tax deduction at the end of the year. If you have a mobile home that you really don't want anymore then there are a variety of things you can do with it to get it out of your possession and off to a more useful life. If you want to just scrap your mobile home then you need to find out where you can take it, and what parts of the mobile home will be accepted. Anything that you can't scrap after all will need to be disposed of somewhere else.

Evaluate your mobile home. If the home is road worthy then you might be able to just drive it to a scrap yard, or someone might accept it in one piece. If on the other hand your mobile home is damaged, then you might need to get someone to take it from your property, or you might have to dismantle it there and move it in pieces.

Call all of the scrap dealers in your local area. You should check your local Yellow Pages under Scap Yards and do an Internet search for scrap yards in your area.

Ask if they accept whole mobile homes for scrap. If they do you can simply bring your mobile home to the yard and have it scrapped. If not then you'll need to dismantle your mobile home yourself and take out all of the valuable pieces. Transport your mobile home to the scrap yard of choice. If you can bring it whole, bring it whole. If not, then strip it apart at home and separate the valuable materials like copper wiring, metal plates, aluminum and steel and then bring these items separately to the scrap dealer.

Dispose of any left over parts in your garbage or recycle them if they can be recycled. Neal Litherland is an author, blogger and occasional ghostwriter. His experience includes comics, role playing games and a variety of other projects as well.

mobile home scrappers

He holds a bachelor's degree in criminal justice from Indiana University, and resides in Northwest Indiana. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Tip If you want to just get rid of your mobile home you could donate it to a charity or to the fire station for use as a practice burn.

If you own a mobile home that you want to scrap, you need to find out your options. Step 1 Evaluate your mobile home. Step 2 Call all of the scrap dealers in your local area. Step 3 Transport your mobile home to the scrap yard of choice. Share this article. Neal Litherland. Show Comments.But in general, there will be things in your home that are worth selling.

Research the going prices for used materials, interior fixtures and furniture. Knowing the worth of scrap metals like aluminum, steel, and copper is necessary.

When you list your items for sale, being knowledgeable about pricing can help you avoid being cheated. You may be able to sell your entire mobile home to your local contractor or scrap dealer, so check to see if there is anyone in your area who offers that.

Many scrap dealers are known to specialize in certain scrap materials, so if you go this route you may not necessarily be able to unload all of your scrap materials in one place. If you are scrapping a mobile home within a mobile home park, consider speaking with your mobile home park owner. They might have connections to scrap dealers or local contractors who frequently purchase scrap materials. Letting people know that you have scrap materials for sale could save you money on having to rent a trailer to haul off pieces.

After you have deconstructed your mobile homepost an advertisement online for free. This method is a bit dated, but could still be of some assistance to you. More inexpensive ways to inform people that you are selling a mobile home for scrap materials is by making yard signs or posting flyers inside of local establishments. Placing a yard sign on the property where you are scrapping your mobile home will spark interest while also making it easy for people to see exactly where their purchase is coming from.

Any way that you choose to advertise should include photographs of the scrap materials, your firm price and your phone number or email address.

Selling scrap materials has become such a booming industry that many states have started regulating the process more closely. Many materials, especially copper are being stolen and then sold. In an effort to ensure that sellers and buyers are operating legally, you may now be required to first purchase a business license.

We recommend you check in with your local government officials to find out for sure. Be aware that you are legally responsible for any scrap materials you sell. When you take your scrap materials to your local buyer you will be entered into a database monitored by the federal government using your thumbprint. The database will store photographs of any scrap materials you sell. After you sell your scrap materials at your local scrap yard you will be able to receive your payment from an ATM machine, as dealers are not legally able to exchange money with you.

Although your goal is to make a profit off of your scrap materials from your mobile home, there are a few costs to consider. Unless you or a friend already have access to a trailer and tools, you will have to pay.

Make sure that they take all safety precautions when deconstructing the home. After you have deconstructed your mobile home and hauled off all of your salvageable scrap materials you will still be responsible for removing any debris left on the land.

Last but not least, you will have to cover the cost of your business license depending on your state. Now that you have a better understanding of what expect when selling your mobile home for scrap, you can move confidently into doing so!

About Dan Leighton Dan Leighton has been working in the mobile home industry for over a decade.

The easy way to donate your mobile home.

His focus has been on sales and customer relations - making sure each person in the transaction is comfortable and fully transparent. He has a wife and one son. Dan continues to look for innovative ways to help both sellers and parks get the most bang for their buck.

View all posts by Dan Leighton. Sell Today. What do you do if you have land you wish to sell, but there is an eyesore of an old mobile home rotting on it? Maybe you have enjoyed living in your mobile home, but it has simply met its sell-by-date. Step 1 — Research The most important points to consider while conducting your research include: how to deconstruct your mobile home tools you should use permits you should have where you can go to sell your scrap materials how to transport your scrap materials and finding people who could possibly buy and transport your scrap materials for you.

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