Prado 120 supercharger

One morning while I was sitting at my desk I received a call about a TRD supercharged engine for sale.

prado 120 supercharger

Initially, I had no interest in sale. Although the extra cab was was running perfect and the customers very happy, we decided that the opportunity to have a turbocharged 1GR-FE and a supercharged one together in one family would be too cool an opportunity to pass up.

prado 120 supercharger

We started out by test driving the TRD engine in the donor vehicle and running it up on the dyno. This figure was with an overdrive kit, Beaudesert 2. Based on the other TRD engines we have worked on in the past, we knew there was quite a bit of potential in this one over what it was already making.

And the best bit, is that it came with the automatic transmission. It was only after much convincing that we were allowed to use the auto since the customer was a strictly manual only man.

The automatic transmission is definitely a creature comfort which was well received in this project.

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We initially contemplated running the XEDE chip supplied with the engine while getting it up and running but quickly decided that the Unichip, as always, would be the way to go. On the mild tune for economywe have used throttle control as one of the tuning parameters to limit the available power. The tunes are high octane, low octane, economy and valet mode. Because this vehicle is destined to go on some trips in the future, we wanted to ensure that we had the ability to cater to lower quality fuel if need be.

To better stop with the extra power, we upgraded the brakes to those off a Prado Series. Prado brakes are much larger and have increased surface area; providing more friction. Due to their increased size they also have better heat dissipation.

The Prado Series calipers have also been rebuilt. This brake package was complimented with stainless braided brake lines. The Toyota Hilux is already a reasonably stable vehicle, but the upgraded brakes compliment this with an added element of safety. Overall the vehicle handles impeccably and feels not just capable and comfortable to drive but incredibly safe.

The results were incredible, smooth drive with an abundance of power and torque. There were several V8 Cruisers trawling the streets on Saturday night in Toowoomba looking for some other vehicles to drag. After lining up next to them at the lights, they quickly heard the whine of the supercharger. As a company who generally avoid conversions, we were shocked at how much we liked this one and now every staff members wants one!

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Dealer used. Greater Dandenong Dandenong. Mornington Peninsula Rosebud. Roadworthy inspection modification plate Negotiable. Pine Rivers Area Dakabin. Caboolture Area Elimbah. Caboolture Area Deception Bay. Caboolture Area Wamuran. Moreton Area Woodford. Pine Rivers Area North Lakes. Caloundra Area Glass House Mountains. Moreton Area Booroobin. Caloundra Area Beerwah. Caloundra Area Landsborough.

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We have an excellent selection of Land Cruiser custom parts, like body kits, carbon hoods, custom seats, and rims, to name a few. We also carry the factory-grade replacement Land Cruiser parts too, including Land Cruiser engine parts, Land Cruiser body parts, and other Land Cruiser auto parts.

So please take a look at our Land Cruiser parts selection. We're confident you'll enjoy the experience! Select Your Vehicle. Year Body Kits. Doors and Windows. Other Body Panels. Accessory Products.

prado 120 supercharger

Side Steps. Truck Bed and Hitch. Mats and Liners.

Upgrades for Extreme Vehicle Performance

Shift Console. Panels and Windows. Accessory Items. Safety Equipment. Headlight Products. Tail Light Products. Auxiliary Light Products. Light Covers. Neon Lights. Light Bars. Fuel System. Radiator Products. Turbos and Superchargers. Engine Dress Up. Air Suspension. Chassis Control. Camber Control. Shock Products. Brake Pads.The engine has new pistons; the compression ratio is 9. This way, the engine has got the displacement of 3. They are similar to those of 3VZ-FE but they have some differences.

This engine is provided with an oil cooler and its engine coolant system fan has been improved. To this, its timing belt was renewed. The intake manifold with long length runners also produces maximum torque at low-mid engine rpm. Firing order — All this secures lots of torque at low-mid engine rpm that is perfect for the off roaders, pickup trucks, and commercial carriers.

If this is not enough for you, specifically for the 5VZ-FE, TRD company has been releasing the supercharger kits, which increase the engine power up to HP and the torque — up to Nm.

TVS precision air flow technology

The production of 5VZ has been stopped in Instead of it, 1GR-FE engines are used. The main troubles of 5VZ-FE are the same as those of 3-liter 3VZ, though the problems of overheating and the troubles with cylinder head gaskets occur much less often. This engine has longer life expectancy, especially if you use the highest quality engine oil. You can learn more about the possible problems HERE. The picture to assist you in finding engine number location. This engine is designed for the off-road vehicles, so you do not need to buy performance parts to build high rev naturally aspirated race engine, this would be a bad idea.

TRD supercharger kit of the second generation black is the best choice, as its lifespan is higher. Its price is quite high, so it may be better to buy a used kit. However, this is not enough and you may need some more performance upgrades. It is also desirable to buy Denso IK22 iridium spark plugs and Walbro fuel pump.How can we guarantee this?

Because we are the official Rotrex distributor for all of Australia and New Zealand, and have been so more than a decade. After having designed the world first positive displacement Supercharger kit back in when the Prado was first released, Bullet Cars is proud to release the first Rotrex Supercharger system for the Toyota Prado.

Designed to suit an internally standard engine, the Intercooled Bullet Prado kit reliably increases power to over kws at the wheels! The power delivery from the Rotrex Supercharger is extremely smooth and feels like a factory installation. With unmatched boost response and Silent operation, the Rotrex is THE centrifugal supercharger to have. It really does turn the Prado into an exciting well balanced sports SUV!

Bullet Cars has recently introduced the new Magnuson Intercooled Mp90 kit as an aftermarket option. The Magnuson Intercooled Supercharger is the basis of this new kit with Bullet modifications to simplify installation to any 4. This makes it perfect for towing or four wheel driving when you need low down torque. Whether you are out in the hot desert exploring or working the vehicle hard in low range on a sandy beach, the high efficiency Water to Air Intercooler located internally within the manifold stabilises air intake temperatures to deliver safe, consistent power across a broad range of temperatures.

Fuel Economy remains the same if not better on average due to the increased torque available from the engine, with returns of under 12 litres per km easily achievable. More power is developed down lower in the engine rev range meaning the engine does not have to rev as hard to produce the same level of power. This is most noticeable when towing up a hill — the gearbox does not have to downshift as often as more torque is available through the mid range.

Rotrex Kit to suit 4. Latest in Centrifugal Supercharger technology — unmatched boost response Virtually silent Supercharger running at idle and cruise — no gear noise or whine Easier to fit than other Supercharger kits Designed to give maximum power from a internally standard engine Can be installed using the factory injectors and fuel pump Kits to suit all budgets — comes in either DIY, Non-Intercooled or Intercooled. Parts Included. Magnuson Supercharger kit to suit 4.

High efficiency Water to Air Intercooler setup with internally mounted Intercooler core Kit can be installed using the factory fuel injectors and fuel pump. Supercharger Kits. Bullet Cars. Contact Information.The Toyota GR generation was introduced in It was represented by the only one 1GR-FE type.

Prado 2700 VT twin screw supercharger

The motor was designated for replacement of out-dated 3. The 1GR was successfully used in Toyota off-roads. Those motors developed up to horsepower. Inthe engines started to replace new modified 1GRs. Such types were equipped with a Dual-VVTi variable valve timing system on the inlet and outlet camshafts. Besides, its cylinder head was improved; it was provided with light pistons, compression ratio heightened up to Firing order is Apart from the 4-liter 1GR, there are other simpler GR modifications, such as: 3.

So, you must control a cooling system. All the 1GRs have ticking noise. That is absolutely normal as it signifies about gasoline steam ventilation system functioning. The noise accompanies injectors operation. The 1GRFE is not provided with hydraulic lifters, so you must control the valve clearances once in 60, mileskm of mileage. Its engine lifespan is overmileskm of mileage.

In order everything to work appropriately, you need to lower compression ratio. To do this, you need to buy a thick cylinder head gasket or forged CP Pistons fitted to 9. Besides, you may need a TRD inlet system and design headers kit.

When these performance parts bolted on your 1GR single VVTi, the engine will develop horsepower and torque will be Nm. Apart from the TRD supercharger kit, you will be able to find the other, more powerful solution. Doing port and polish, you will get more than horsepower. The TRD supercharger kit is the simplest, not a too much loading engine.

Mitsubishi 4G Honda K20A K20C. Honda K24A K24Z. Honda R18A. Honda R20A. Honda L15A L15B. Honda L13A L13B. Honda D15B D15A. Honda D17A. BMW M30B Toyota 1NZ. Toyota 2AR. Subaru EZ BMW N Toyota 2JZ.This report from Automotive World explores the current state of supercharger technology and highlights the exciting new uses that Eaton is finding for its TVS technology. Let us design an integrated solution for your unique application.

Engine solutions. TVS precision air flow technology. Eaton Twin Vortices Series TVS technology opens up a new world of possibilities for products that require precision air flow solutions. No longer applied only as a supercharging device used to increase horsepower and torque, TVS technology has reached a transition point, evolving as a tool with a range of applications across various industries.

Go to TVS R TVS R Go to TVS V TVS V Learn more. Special report: Supercharger potential This report from Automotive World explores the current state of supercharger technology and highlights the exciting new uses that Eaton is finding for its TVS technology.

Download the report. Design a solution Let us design an integrated solution for your unique application.

Contact us. Products Engine solutions TVS technology. We provide sustainable solutions that help our customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power — more safely, more efficiently and more reliably. We have approximately 97, employees.

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